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Our son’s lasagna face – yum!

Sarah made a really delicious lasagna for dinner this week, helping us feed my sister and her boyfriend. But the adults weren’t the only ones who had a heaping serving. Oliver proved to have a taste for the baked Italian treat as well.

He’s usually a pretty picky eater, and he’s also kind of weird about getting food on his hands and face, but not today. He chowed down, spreading it all over his face in the process. Afterward, he was mugging for the camera, so Sarah took some pictures. Below are two of my favorites. Enjoy:



Oliver lights up over visit from Aunt Carrie

My little sister, Carrie, and her boyfriend travel all over the country for their jobs, working in different cities for several months at a time. This week, between their last gig, in Boston, and their next, in some city in Florida that escapes my mind right now, we got the chance to see them. Such visits are pretty infrequent — we get maybe four a year.

Oliver loves his Aunt Carrie. He has a little photo book and he likes to point at the picture of Carrie and Eli in there. So when the couple showed up in person this week, his face just lit up.

Carrie and Eli watched the boy on Wednesday while we were at work. They even took him to the local school and played on the playground — that is, until the principal kindly asked them to leave (they didn’t realize St. Charles has year-round school, and they didn’t question why there were dozens of kids running around the playground I guess).

Anyway, Carrie and Eli loaded their car back up and left today for their next destination. We’ll see each other on Skype several times over the next few months, for sure, but it’s not the same as being together in person. Next time we see her could be this fall, or maybe even around Christmas. We all look forward to it. In the meantime, below are a couple pictures we shot last night. I wish I had taken more, especially because Oliver’s eyes are closed in the second one. Oh well. Enjoy:



Just sharing one of my favorite recent photos of Oliver

Since I haven’t posted much lately, I thought I’d hit the blog with a flurry. This will be a short one, but I wanted to share one of my favorite recent photos of Oliver. I took this along the driveway at my Grandma Lopinot’s house. I followed him around for about 10 minutes, waiting for the lighting — and his attention — to be just right. I must have fired off a few dozen photos over a 10-second period when he paused here to look up at me, capturing this image among my many clicks:


What do you think of the picture?

Dealing with a torn AC joint

Been tough to post blog entries lately – lots going on in my life right now. Some things are exciting, while others are, well, not so great. One of the biggest items I’m dealing with is a torn AC joint. According to this Web site: The acromioclavicular (AC) joint [is] the joint between the scapula (shoulder blade) and the clavicle (collarbone).

The injury happened during an ice hockey game a week ago. Our game was getting a little rough, and the play moved to the other end of the ice. After the refs and I looked that direction, some guy blindsided me into the boards. I went in neck and shoulder first. Figuring it was just a bad bruise, I decided to wait a few days before having my right shoulder checked by a doctor. By Friday, about one-fifth of my chest had turned bright yellow and I was still having trouble lifting heavy objects and moving my arm in certain positions.

Now, I’m wearing a sling. It’s mainly to keep me from using my arm, but it’s made life pretty tough this weekend. Using my left hand for everything is not ideal. Changing diapers is now a chore, as is feeding myself! Using the key to start the car? Surprisingly difficult. Getting a shirt on and off? Often requires assistance. In fact, just about everything is a challenge. I’m sure I’ll be sore after just typing up this blog entry. Certainly should be quite the challenge month between work and parenting. I’m supposed to be in the sling for a minimum of two weeks, but it could be as long as eight. Ouch!

Taking the little rascals to the Rascals game

Last night, we went to the River City Rascals baseball game with our friends the Hattons. Jen, Mike and little Drew met us outside the ballpark in O’Fallon, Mo. (you may know Jen from her blog, Life with Drew). It was a blast, though everything was “tiny,” at least in comparison to a St. Louis Cardinals game. By that, I mean the car show outside the stadium featured just five cars, there were only a handful of seating sections, only two concession stands were open, etc.

However, it was a really intimate affair. We were close to the field. Our son loved seeing all the mascots, and he also loved running along the open concourse and using the slide at the playground area. It’s well worth checking out if you have young kids. Highly recommend.

We had fun catching up with Mike and Jen, who we hadn’t seen in ages. And the two boys, Oliver and Drew, seemed to enjoy touching each other and making loud grunt noises. Pretty cute stuff. Anyway, we took just a handful of pictures but they didn’t turn out great. Below are a few, featuring the boys, everybody but me in our seats and the Hattons. Enjoy.




Happy Fourth (OK, Sixth – I’m a little late) of July

We spent the Fourth of July weekend in Springfield, Mo., with my parents and my Grandma Carol (who was visiting for a few weeks). What a fun time. I’ll post some more about the visit later, but for now, I’ll share some details about our holiday outing. My parents’ house is just south of town, so we headed out a couple miles to nearby Battlefield, Mo., to watch fireworks.

My mom insisted we get there early, and early it was. I think we had just over two hours to kill before the show started. Oliver spent most of it running, with his head down, back and forth across the sidewalk, through the playground area and in/out of the crowd. It was really tiring chasing him everywhere, and he was extremely stubborn about being redirected back to our spot on the lawn. However, just before the fireworks he was pretty tired, as seen here in this photo taken shortly after we gave him a bottle as he watched the band play:


The fireworks were actually pretty impressive, though the show was a bit short. Honestly, it was one of the better firework displays I’ve seen in my 33 years. While watching, I had my camera and tripod set up to try and capture a few images. Here’s one of the few firework pictures that worked:


After a while, I turned the camera over toward Sarah and Oliver to capture the picture below. It was actually almost pitch black by that point, so I had the camera set to capture as much light as possible. This shot also was aided by the light of the fireworks. Here’s the pic:


Overall, Oliver really seemed to enjoy the fireworks. He sat and stared at them calmly, though it was about two hours past his bedtime. By the end, he had turned around and put his head down on Sarah’s shoulder, but he kept twisting his head around and opening one tired eye to catch a glimpse. It was pretty cute. Next year should be even more exciting, since he’ll be talking and all that fun stuff.

Anyway, to wrap up this post, below is a YouTube video I shot and cleaned up (mostly reducing the darkness). You can tell my mom was enjoying herself, from her enthusiastic, booming voice! Oliver was just calm as could be. Enjoy:

Our boy is starting to explore the world

Our boy is starting to explore the world. We’ve been taking him outside just about every day for the past month. He really enjoys running up and down the driveway, sprinting out into the grass and laughing at Molly and chasing the young neighborhood boys up the courtyard.

It’s so cute to see him soak up his new surroundings. There is, however, a bit of sadness as his father. For nearly 16 months, his world has revolved around a confined space with very few people. Soon, he’s going to be a big boy, off playing by himself and meeting new people. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that it’s hard acknowledging that one’s baby is now a full-fledge toddler.

Anyway, below is a short slideshow of Oliver goofing around on our driveway a week ago. Enjoy: