Monthly Archives: April 2009

Our son learns to walk

Our son is officially a “walker” now. He walks more than he crawls. Walks everywhere, really. It’s pretty cool. He kind of looks like a hybrid “Chuckie” doll/mini-Charlie Chaplin waddling around. I will try to capture a more recent video, as he gets better every day, but here’s one that I shot last Monday:

A few pictures from Easter

Sorry for the late post here. Been super busy. Easter was a lot of fun. Here’s a slideshow from our day at my in-laws’ house:

Oliver was REALLY tired at the end of the day. Check him out, posing on the couch with all his Easter goodies:


And for a good laugh, check him out in the same pose after a long Easter last year. Too funny, isn’t it:


Christmas in mid-April

So I’m out cutting the grass for the first time this year (cutting the grass: one of the things I hate most in life), and I turn the corner to the backyard and notice something. It’s our Christmas tree, still out in the yard. Nothing says “class” like a Christmas tree next to your patio in mid-April, right? What do I do with this thing? Assuming all the Christmas tree drop-off sites are closed until late December …


A ‘wet’ morning home alone with the boy

Oliver and I are home alone today (Sarah has to work), and the day started off with something funny. Sarah left, I took the trash out to the curb, and I came back inside to play with Oliver. He was doing his favorite activity (banging his blue ring on the coffee table) when I noticed his pants were soaking wet.

“Strange,” I thought, so I patted his diaper. OK, so I patted where his diaper SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Yes, I dressed him but didn’t put a diaper on him. He had peed his pants for the first time. I guess after changing diapers for 13 months, I was bound to forget at some point. At least he didn’t drop a deuce!

Taking in some (granny-produced) art

The Lopinot clan is generally pretty talented when it comes to art, whether it’s traditional stuff like ceramics and drawing, or it’s other creative things like writing or flint-knapping. But when it comes to pure artistic talent, my Grandma Lopinot is No. 1.

Her work is currently on display as part of a group show at the Monday Club in Webster Groves. I took the wife and boy to the opening on Sunday (if the days of the week are confusing to you, grandma spends her Wednesdays at the Monday Club – go figure). The building is in a cute part of Webster.


Here are some of grandma’s oil paintings on display:



Oliver was super cranky. We gave him two bottles to calm him down, but didn’t end up staying long. He fell asleep about one minute into our drive home.


But even as a cranky little guy, he sure was cute:


But hey, this was really about grandma. Here she is with my uncle, posing in front of a few of her paintings. Doesn’t she look proud?


Oliver takes a few first steps

For the past week or so, Oliver has been slowing showing us that he’s ready to try walking. So I’ve been taking time each night to grab his hands and show him what to do. When we were at the park last week, I even got him to walk with me holding just one of his hands. It’s was pretty darn cute.

Tonight, I kept taking the coaster he was banging on our coffee table and holding it a few feet away, tempting him to walk toward me. Then, like magic, he started stumbling toward me. He’d laugh, grab the coaster and head back to the table. We did this over and over again. While I wouldn’t consider it actual walking, I’d say he’s pretty close.

Below is a video. Let me know what you think: