Our son’s lasagna face – yum!

Sarah made a really delicious lasagna for dinner this week, helping us feed my sister and her boyfriend. But the adults weren’t the only ones who had a heaping serving. Oliver proved to have a taste for the baked Italian treat as well.

He’s usually a pretty picky eater, and he’s also kind of weird about getting food on his hands and face, but not today. He chowed down, spreading it all over his face in the process. Afterward, he was mugging for the camera, so Sarah took some pictures. Below are two of my favorites. Enjoy:



1 thought on “Our son’s lasagna face – yum!

  1. How cute! You need to ask Auntie Sandy to send you the pic of Nick at about the same age with a face full of spaghetti sauce. Maybe Oliver inherited this from Nick! Love you guys! xoxo

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