Dealing with a torn AC joint

Been tough to post blog entries lately – lots going on in my life right now. Some things are exciting, while others are, well, not so great. One of the biggest items I’m dealing with is a torn AC joint. According to this Web site: The acromioclavicular (AC) joint [is] the joint between the scapula (shoulder blade) and the clavicle (collarbone).

The injury happened during an ice hockey game a week ago. Our game was getting a little rough, and the play moved to the other end of the ice. After the refs and I looked that direction, some guy blindsided me into the boards. I went in neck and shoulder first. Figuring it was just a bad bruise, I decided to wait a few days before having my right shoulder checked by a doctor. By Friday, about one-fifth of my chest had turned bright yellow and I was still having trouble lifting heavy objects and moving my arm in certain positions.

Now, I’m wearing a sling. It’s mainly to keep me from using my arm, but it’s made life pretty tough this weekend. Using my left hand for everything is not ideal. Changing diapers is now a chore, as is feeding myself! Using the key to start the car? Surprisingly difficult. Getting a shirt on and off? Often requires assistance. In fact, just about everything is a challenge. I’m sure I’ll be sore after just typing up this blog entry. Certainly should be quite the challenge month between work and parenting. I’m supposed to be in the sling for a minimum of two weeks, but it could be as long as eight. Ouch!

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