Taking the little rascals to the Rascals game

Last night, we went to the River City Rascals baseball game with our friends the Hattons. Jen, Mike and little Drew met us outside the ballpark in O’Fallon, Mo. (you may know Jen from her blog, Life with Drew). It was a blast, though everything was “tiny,” at least in comparison to a St. Louis Cardinals game. By that, I mean the car show outside the stadium featured just five cars, there were only a handful of seating sections, only two concession stands were open, etc.

However, it was a really intimate affair. We were close to the field. Our son loved seeing all the mascots, and he also loved running along the open concourse and using the slide at the playground area. It’s well worth checking out if you have young kids. Highly recommend.

We had fun catching up with Mike and Jen, who we hadn’t seen in ages. And the two boys, Oliver and Drew, seemed to enjoy touching each other and making loud grunt noises. Pretty cute stuff. Anyway, we took just a handful of pictures but they didn’t turn out great. Below are a few, featuring the boys, everybody but me in our seats and the Hattons. Enjoy.




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