Monthly Archives: January 2012

Oliver plays “Favorite Things” on his new guitar

First, I know that I haven’t blogged in ages. Please forgive me. I’ve been busy in every facet of life – never busier, in fact.

But I had to post this. It’s pretty amazing. My sister and her husband got Oliver a guitar for Christmas, and he has taken a liking to strumming the strings and singing. Unprompted the other day, he sang “Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music.” He knows the words because Sarah sings it to him several times a week when putting him to bed. However, we were still shocked that he knew the lyrics THIS WELL. I had no clue he had the lines down. Again, pretty cool stuff.

It’s a little hard to hear, but I was lucky to have the camcorder in my hand and to be taping when he started. Enjoy.