Oliver lights up over visit from Aunt Carrie

My little sister, Carrie, and her boyfriend travel all over the country for their jobs, working in different cities for several months at a time. This week, between their last gig, in Boston, and their next, in some city in Florida that escapes my mind right now, we got the chance to see them. Such visits are pretty infrequent — we get maybe four a year.

Oliver loves his Aunt Carrie. He has a little photo book and he likes to point at the picture of Carrie and Eli in there. So when the couple showed up in person this week, his face just lit up.

Carrie and Eli watched the boy on Wednesday while we were at work. They even took him to the local school and played on the playground — that is, until the principal kindly asked them to leave (they didn’t realize St. Charles has year-round school, and they didn’t question why there were dozens of kids running around the playground I guess).

Anyway, Carrie and Eli loaded their car back up and left today for their next destination. We’ll see each other on Skype several times over the next few months, for sure, but it’s not the same as being together in person. Next time we see her could be this fall, or maybe even around Christmas. We all look forward to it. In the meantime, below are a couple pictures we shot last night. I wish I had taken more, especially because Oliver’s eyes are closed in the second one. Oh well. Enjoy:



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