Monthly Archives: April 2010

The next chapter in my life: A new job

Transitions are exciting, and my life has been full of major events and changes over the past several years.  And now I’m proud to announce my next big move: I have taken a new job.

I’ve learned so much and made so many wonderful friends during my four years at the Standing Partnership, and now I’m embarking on a new life chapter. I’ll be working at Savvis Inc. , serving as public relations manager. Next Tuesday will be my last at Standing, and I start at Savvis on May 10. Wish me luck!

Oliver wants some cake at Grandpa Gil’s birthday party

Local and Dallas-based family were in town this past weekend for the 92nd birthday party for Sarah’s Grandpa Gil. We had a lot of fun. Oliver was mesmerized by the song “Happy Birthday,” and he’s been singing “Happy biiiirth-daaaay tooooo grandddd-pa” over and over ever since.

As always, Oliver got a lot of attention. He even helped Grandpa blow out the candle on his cake. After the flame was extinguished, he immediately commented, “I want cake,” much to the delight of everybody present. Good times. I got a video of it, but it’s a little difficult to hear his big line. Enjoy!

A rare, rare thing … peace and quiet

Sarah took the boys to her parents’ house today, and they’re not home yet. The house is quiet. Yes, quiet. It’s such a rare, rare thing. I’m watching television and the dog is sleeping next to my feet. It’s wonderful. On a typical day, the only time the house is quiet is when both of the boys are sleeping (also a rarity). And now, back to my enjoyment …


Happy belated Easter slideshow

I’m at little slow on the blog updates lately, due to about a million things going on in my life right now and a huge dearth of free time. That’s my lame excuse for why this Easter post is six days late. Anyway, we had a great Easter. We spent the morning here at the house. Oliver and Owen got Easter baskets and posed for a few pictures before Oliver darted over to play with his new trains.

Then we headed over to Sarah’s parents house, where we let Oliver and our sister-in-law (it was her first time, since she’s Indian) hunt for eggs. Afterward, we had a great meal. Everybody was tired when we got home.

Below is a slideshow from our day. Enjoy.

Our visit with Jennifer and trip to the zoo

My sister Jennifer flew down for a few days to meet Owen and hang out with our family. We had a blast, and we already miss her.

Oliver really took a liking to his aunt. They were buds every day, wrestling, playing trains, throwing sticks and going for walks. Jennifer seemed to bond with Owen, too. Well, as best a person can bond with a newborn. She did change at least one diaper, so that counts for something, right?

Anyway, it was fun. For her last day here, we all headed down to the St. Louis Zoo. It was about 80 degrees, and I read somewhere that 30,000 people were there. It was packed. Oliver really liked the carousel, train and elephants. Below are a few photos from our day. Enjoy.