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Diddly-diddly-doo about dad

When Sarah’s friend Reidun was here, she came up with a song she sang to our son Owen. It was pretty simple, with just the words, “Owen. Owen. Diddly-diddly-doo,” sung repeatedly. Well, apparently it was catchy enough that our other son, Oliver, caught on. Today, he sung it about Sarah several times. And tonight … I got my version. Enjoy:

Our long-lost visitor

We had a long-lost visitor at our house the past four days: As an early birthday gift to my wife, I flew her best friend to town for an extended weekend. We hadn’t seen Reidun since our wedding five-plus years ago. We had lost contact with each other and then reconnected through Facebook.

A lot has change since we last saw Reidun. She got to meet (and dance with and be harassed by) our crazy goldendoodle Molly; she met and charmed the heck out of our son Oliver; and she received lots of adoring looks from our youngest son, Owen.

Some things haven’t changed between the two ladies. You should have seen them … giggling like 13-year-olds, watching a movie that came out when they were 13, and visiting the hot-spots they went to when they were 13. But in all seriousness, they did do a lot of other stuff, such as taking the boys to the St. Louis Zoo and shopping/dining on Main Street in St. Charles.

All of us – husband, wife, kids and dog – miss Reidun already. Let’s hope another five years doesn’t pass before we see her again.


Owen playing by himself

For those of you who’ve not seen the boys since I went on so-called “blog hiatus” a few months ago, I must say that Owen is getting quite big. He’s 8 months old now, and really getting interactive and making all kinds of fun sounds. Below’s a video of him playing by himself. Enjoy.

Halloween weekend, plus an apology for being an absent blogger for two months

Where to begin? Yes, I’ve totally slacked on keeping up this blog. Yes, I’ve heard the complaints. And yes, I do have an excuse (several, but I won’t get into much detail). The main issue is that our laptop has pretty much died, so finding time to sit in the office and upload photos and videos has been scarce. But I hope to change that.

I feel mostly bad that the past few months have not been documented here on the blog. We’ve done so many fun things, including two trips to the Museum of Transportation, several visits to our house by my parents, a special visit from my sister who lives in Minnesota and the surprise move of my other sister to a permanent (for now, at least!) residence here in St. Louis.

Apologies aside, I’d like to just pick up like I never left. We had such an awesome weekend, and I captured so many cute pictures of the kids that I thought I’d just dump them on here for public consumption. Many of you readers haven’t seen pictures of the boys since July, so this should be a treat (at least I hope so). And with that, here’s how our weekend went:

On Friday night, Sarah and Oliver baked cookies:

On Saturday, we went to the farm near our house to pick out pumpkins. Oliver had fun petting the animals:IMG_0065 

And we played in the hay maze:

Oliver sat on the hay maze and had a blast:

Oliver went on a pony ride:

On Saturday, it was all about Halloween. Owen wore his pirate shirt during the day:

Oliver painted his pumpkin:

Owen had fun watching:

Here’s Oliver hugging the pumpkin that I carved:

For the big night, Owen dressed up as a dragon (the costume may look familiar, as it made an appearance two years ago on his older brother):

Oliver was a puppy:

Oliver then went trick-or-treating for the first time at a church in Maryland Heights. Here he is getting candy from “Fred”:

After getting treats, we went inside and played some carnival games. It was fun. Then, at home Oliver wanted to go trick-or-treating at houses, so we walked around the two courts at both ends of our street.

While walking around, he kept begging for candy, so we finally gave in. By the time we got home, that boy had more sugar in his system than he’s ever had. He was acting kooky. First, he sat in his rocking chair, handing out candy to kids, telling them, “Take two.” Then, he sprinted around the yard and kicked up leaves. Eventually, we put him to bed and he fell asleep before the door closed he was so tired.

All in all, a fun Halloween. So what do you think? Is this a welcome return to blogging or what?