Monthly Archives: January 2011

Our little boy is growing so fast

Hard to believe it, but our little boy is 11 months old today. Yes, little Owen who we seemingly just brought home from the hospital is almost a year old. He’s growing so fast.

He’s bulking up, eating more and more solid foods. He’s also crawling everywhere. And he’s always good for a laugh as he tugs away at my hair and tries to poke at my eyes and mouth with his tiny hands.

He finally cut his top two teeth just a couple days ago. It was a really long wait, as his two front bottom teeth came in more than three months ago. I believe we have a note from his pediatrician with a November date on it that says these top teeth would be coming in any day now. Better late then never, I guess.

So now we enter the final month of his first year on this planet. It’s been a great 11 months so far. I couldn’t have asked for a more easygoing baby. But man, time sure goes by so, so quickly.

Owen is officially mobile

So much for our immobile little baby. Owen is now crawling. He started last Thursday with a couple 2-foot traverses across the carpet, and now he’s (almost) a pro.

It’s exciting, but as other parents know, it’s also just one more thing to worry about. Now we can’t just plop him down with toys or at a table – we have to keep a really close eye on him at all times. But it’s not only to make sure he doesn’t get hurt – it’s also to keep him away from his older brother’s precious toys! Yes, Owen likes to burn over to Oliver’s train table, where he does his best Godzilla impersonation, eating freight cars and tossing bridges and tracks all over the place!

I’ve been trying to get a decent video of Owen crawling, and finally did tonight. Here you go:

Our little self-proclaimed rock star

Oliver has been pretty entertaining lately. For the past few weeks, he’s been a self-proclaimed rock star, playing a mean fake guitar (and making a grimace that is unforgettable) and also singing into a microphone. He usually makes up words to his songs, which is pretty creative. However, they’re not great lyrics by any means! But he’s sure funny to watch.

Here’s what we get to enjoy every day (warning: the video is a little long):

Oliver’s new train

Though this post is a day (technically, nine days) late and dollar short, I need to get it up for Sarah’s second cousin Bill. You see, Oliver loves trains. I mean, really loves them. And so does Bill.

Bill wanted to share his love of trains with Oliver, so he convinced a bunch of relatives to go in on a sweet Lionel set for the boy for Christmas. We cannot thank everybody enough. Bill, who lives in Texas, is anxious to see Oliver’s reaction. So, without further ado, here’s the unveiling of the train at Christmas: