Oliver takes a few first steps

For the past week or so, Oliver has been slowing showing us that he’s ready to try walking. So I’ve been taking time each night to grab his hands and show him what to do. When we were at the park last week, I even got him to walk with me holding just one of his hands. It’s was pretty darn cute.

Tonight, I kept taking the coaster he was banging on our coffee table and holding it a few feet away, tempting him to walk toward me. Then, like magic, he started stumbling toward me. He’d laugh, grab the coaster and head back to the table. We did this over and over again. While I wouldn’t consider it actual walking, I’d say he’s pretty close.

Below is a video. Let me know what you think:

3 thoughts on “Oliver takes a few first steps

  1. So cute! It’s only a matter of days now and before you know it, he’ll be all over. Make sure you get enough sleep, you’ll need it!

  2. I think he is in the beginning stages of walking! It’s great that you are taking the time to work with him. Way to go, Oliver! (Grandma Sharon)

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