A ‘wet’ morning home alone with the boy

Oliver and I are home alone today (Sarah has to work), and the day started off with something funny. Sarah left, I took the trash out to the curb, and I came back inside to play with Oliver. He was doing his favorite activity (banging his blue ring on the coffee table) when I noticed his pants were soaking wet.

“Strange,” I thought, so I patted his diaper. OK, so I patted where his diaper SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Yes, I dressed him but didn’t put a diaper on him. He had peed his pants for the first time. I guess after changing diapers for 13 months, I was bound to forget at some point. At least he didn’t drop a deuce!

2 thoughts on “A ‘wet’ morning home alone with the boy

  1. I’d say you were darn lucky! The first thing he does at my house (after greeting Osage and Josie) is bang his blue ring on the coffee table and “drop a duece”, as you put it. The wet pants were funny, but the other would’ve been hysterical!

  2. You’re telling me, in terms of my luckiness. Less than an hour after I put him into a diaper, he made a really nasty surprise. That would have been extremely gross. Whew!

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