Taking in some (granny-produced) art

The Lopinot clan is generally pretty talented when it comes to art, whether it’s traditional stuff like ceramics and drawing, or it’s other creative things like writing or flint-knapping. But when it comes to pure artistic talent, my Grandma Lopinot is No. 1.

Her work is currently on display as part of a group show at the Monday Club in Webster Groves. I took the wife and boy to the opening on Sunday (if the days of the week are confusing to you, grandma spends her Wednesdays at the Monday Club – go figure). The building is in a cute part of Webster.


Here are some of grandma’s oil paintings on display:



Oliver was super cranky. We gave him two bottles to calm him down, but didn’t end up staying long. He fell asleep about one minute into our drive home.


But even as a cranky little guy, he sure was cute:


But hey, this was really about grandma. Here she is with my uncle, posing in front of a few of her paintings. Doesn’t she look proud?


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