Our holiday card did NOT get stuck in the mail – sorry!

We’ve been bad this year. About that holiday card of ours … no, it didn’t get stuck in the mail. In fact, we didn’t send any out this year. For one thing, it’s been a really busy month for us. I hate offering excuses, but I’ve been working quite a bit (at my day job and doing the UMSL thing). Add that to everything else that comes with raising a toddler, and time just flies by. The next thing you know it’s Dec. 23 and you’re blogging for just the second time in weeks.

So to those of us who sent us a holiday card this year, we say “thank you.” And to those of you who normally would have received a card from us (and for those who just like my blog or me), we offer a picture of our boy after eating a “holiday” Oreo. It had green and red filing, and the boy went crazy on it. He was pretty darn cute. Below’s a picture. Have a great holiday season!


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