The bird in our tree? Yes, it’s real

We have a bird that lives in the Christmas wreath on our front door. It’s a cute bird. Not sure what type it is, but it has a red head and greenish body. Anyway, we didn’t know he was living in our wreath until the other day.

I was taking out the trash, opened the door and walked outside. On the way back in, I heard Sarah shriek. The bird was in our house!

It’s first landing spot was our tree. I took a quick picture before we made a move to get it out of the house. Here’s that pic:


At first, we tried trapping him in the living room, but he quickly flew over our heads and into the dining room. After cornering him there, he flew up the stairs into the hallway. We closed all the bedroom doors and got out towels. All the while, he let out these little quiet, cute chirps.

While chasing him around, I was a bit freaked out. You see, I don’t like wild animals and especially don’t like touching birds. Eventually, my brave wife knocked him to the ground, threw her towel over him and took him outside to safety.

Was pretty funny in retrospect.

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