The first part of our Christmas journey

The first part of our Christmas journey ended about an hour ago, when we got back from Sarah’s brother’s house. Oliver has had a blast during his second Christmas. He’s really come into his own, and he just loves opening presents, as seen here:


He got some really cool gifts, including lots of fun toys and this little shirt and tie combo he’s holding, courtesy of his Great-Grandma Frieda:


Our crazy goldendoodle Molly had a pretty exciting Christmas, too. She got a stocking full of treats and this cool little sqeaky toy:


Santa delivered quite a bounty, and Sarah tried to pose in front of our tree and the gifts with Oliver and Molly. The boy struggled to get away and do something else, while the dog showed her excitement with a yawn:


One of my favorite gifts was a calendar that my sweet wife put together with pictures of our family. Here I am showing the pictures to Oliver:


What a Christmas. I’ll have some great memories for years to come, that’s for sure. But our Christmas journey isn’t over yet – it continues over the next few days, which we will be spending with my parents, my sisters and my Grandma Carol. Should be fun.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody out there.

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