U.S. Rep. Todd Akin: STOP CALLING ME!!!! (Part II)

You may recall an earlier post about our telephone buddy, U.S. Rep. Todd Akin. Well, this guy is at it again. Tonight, during dinner, this goof ball called yet another time (I stand by my earlier post, in which I stated that three people call us on our home line: My mom, Sarah’s mom and Todd Akin). And again, the call featured a recorded message with an invitation to sit in on a conference call.

I immediately hit “0” to join the queue of people awaiting a chance to speak to this wonderful public servant. I couldn’t wait to politely ask to be removed from his calling list. Instead, I sat on the line for several minutes before our phone went dead. Oh yeah, and a catch: The recorded message at the beginning of the call warns you that you cannot use your telephone line for up to 30 minutes after you hang up. That’s right … this guy can call you up without permission, then clog up your telephone line for a half hour.

Well, I’ve now had it up to my ears with this guy so I got online to look up his telephone number. I’d like to personally leave him a message to ask him to remove my telephone number from his call list and apologize for interrupting my life at least once a month. Anyway, you call in and there is no option to leave him a direct message. I’d also like to know why he’s calling me. Is it because I’m white and live in St. Charles? Does that automatically make me a stereotype? How can I have my voice heard?

So please, if you work for Mr. Akin and see this blog post, please look me up in your database and remove my telephone number. And then please call me (yes, I’m giving you permission to call just one more time) to let me know that my number has been removed. I work during the day, so you can simply leave me a voice mail. That’s fine. I’ll feel much better knowing that you’ve actually listened to a constituent.

5 thoughts on “U.S. Rep. Todd Akin: STOP CALLING ME!!!! (Part II)

  1. Sir, Telephone Town Hall meetings are a constituent outreach. If you do not wish to receive future invitations to participate, please give our office a call and ask to be added to our internal “do not call” list.

  2. Akin guy: What number do I call? And why can’t you just remove me without me having to go through additional effort? You have my name now, and I’m surely in some database for some reason. Also, why don’t you have an opt-in option when Akin calls and interupts my home life? It would be really easy to have that at the beginning of the call (“If you’d like to be removed from these calls in the future, press 1”). And how did I get on this call list in the first place? Will this no-call list also remove me from his annoying election calls? I don’t want any more “imporant message” calls from him.

  3. I did call the number listed on that site. However, nobody answered (the employees were probably at home, having dinner like I was doing) and it’s unclear who you’re supposed to leave a message for. There are, I think, eight employees listed in the directory. If I’m going to leave a message on somebody’s voice mail, I want it to be Mr. Akin’s voice mail. I want him to hear my message directly. Anyway, no message from his office today at home. And no reply to my earlier comment. He’ll probably call me again in three weeks. Can’t wait.

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