Visit from Jennifer, Carrie and my mom

We had a really fun past couple of days. My sister, Jennifer, was in the state from Minnesota. She drove up to St. Louis with my mom and other sister, Carrie, to hang out for the weekend.

It’s always bittersweet to see Jennifer. She comes into town maybe twice a year. Sadly, we’ve only been able to visit her once since she moved up north. I wish we had the money and time to visit her more frequently. We’re lucky to see Carrie, too. She’s in Springfield for just another week before heading off on her next “traveling OT” job (next stop, maybe Boston).

Anyway, the clan arrived Friday, and Oliver was really shy. But he warmed up quickly. He spent the weekend showing off, being cute as always and even taking a few nervous first steps (we’re not saying it’s his first official “walk,” but he’s close).

Saturday night, my mom watched the boy, giving us a chance to head out for some drinks. We went to the International Tap House in Chesterfield (500 beer selections!).

Overall, we had a great time. Though we had hoped for better weather and some cool outdoor activities, we got cold weather and a ton of snow. Oh well. Today was a bit sad, watching the three of them drive off. We saw Jennifer last year around this time and then not again until Christmas. Sad. We love us some Jennifer time (and Carrie/mom time, too!).

Here’s a picture from today, when Jennifer and Carrie were goofing around with Oliver:


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