Oliver celebrates the big 1 (our baby’s first birthday)

It’s really hard to believe, but our little sweet baby boy is now 1. Oliver has been around 365 days. Crazy. I can hardly get my mind around it.

To celebrate, Sarah and I both took the day off work. And what a day it was. If you think our son is beautiful, you should have seen the weather today in St. Louis. I believe it was close to 80 degrees. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go through the day picture-by-picture:

After his morning feeding, we showed Oliver his big gift from mom and dad. It’s a Fisher Price Learning Home. It’s got all kinds of fun activities on it. He has enjoyed it off and on all day (he usually darts away from everything and over to our coffee table, where he can bang rings and cups around).


We also opened some cards that came in the mail this week. He enjoyed “kissing” them (half of his kisses involve pressing his forehead against something).


Later in the morning, we celebrated the official time (9:16 a.m.) he was born. Here we are by our fancy microwave. Exciting.


After his morning nap and a lunch of turkey, cheese and yogurt, we packed up the vehicle and headed down to the St. Louis Zoo. We also busted out his St. Louis Cardinals hat for the first time. Isn’t it cute? We thought he looked sort of like Beaver Cleaver.


After checking out animals for a couple hours, we visited the ZOOmagination Station. It’s a kid-friendly area with lots of activities. You have to get a pass to get in, so there aren’t a lot of people in there. It was fun and relaxing. Oliver didn’t get too crazy. He mostly liked looking at himself in the mirror. He gave himself a lot of kisses.


A lot of kisses … and long stares.


After a while, he stepped away from the mirror. He stood by himself for almost 15 seconds. It was the longest we have seen him stand on his own. Pretty cool.


All in all, he had a good time. We got lots of smiles. Here, he’s laughing at an Okapi.


Right now, he’s crawling around the living room … waaaaay past his bedtime. We kept him up because his grandparents, my sister and her boyfriend were coming in town for the weekend. He’s cranky, so I’m going to be signing off. I’ll have more tomorrow, as it’s our official birthday party.

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