Not-so-big birthday today at the Lopinot household (Molly turns 3)

There was a big birthday at the Lopinot household today. No, you didn’t forget about Oliver’s birthday. It’s this Friday. No, today is Molly’s third birthday. Yep, our dummy of a dog is now 3 years old.

If today didn’t give Molly a clear indication of her status in the family, I don’t know what will. For her first two birthdays, we bought her way too many gifts, gave her treats and did something fun with her. This year? She spent the day in her crate and the evening pretty much just sitting around while we tended to Oliver and cleaned the house. We did give her a special treat (plus, I snuck her some pork chop after Sarah went upstairs to start Oliver’s bath).

So here we are, still celebrating at 10:45 p.m. OK, so we’re not really celebrating. I’m goofing on the computer while she chews a toy. Fun stuff.

So to Molly: Happy third birthday. Maybe we’ll take you for a walk this weekend or let you lick a plate. Fun stuff.


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