Oliver enjoys his first birthday party

Oliver really enjoyed his first birthday party. Held Saturday, we invited close family to attend. The boy was all smiles, all day long. Here, he’s enjoying his favorite activity (banging $5.99 rings on our coffee table) as he stands in front of the massive pile of gifts:


He got a lot of really awesome gifts, including some cars, lots of summer clothes, a wading pool, an interactive refrigerator magnet set, this ball-popper-upper (can’t think of another way to describe it) toy, some LIttle People stuff and a Radio Flyer wagon.

Though we didn’t have a theme (with apologies to one of my most loyal readers, Julie S.), we has a color scheme — blue and green. Our “cake” was in line with this scheme. With thanks to our good friend Katie, we used a cake pan shaped like a giant cupcake to make the cake. Sarah did a nice job on it. Here’s a picture of Oliver as we were singing “Happy Birthday”:


In addition to the giant cupcake, we had little ones. We gave Oliver one, but he didn’t mash into it like most 1 year olds. He just sort of picked at it for a few minutes and then gave us a look like “What’s going on here?” Instead, we spoon-fed him some ice cream. Here’s a picture right before he gave up on the cupcake:


We goofed around inside and out for the next couple hours. Here, I was holding him and jumping up and down to make him smile and laugh:


Then we got the Radio Flyer wagon out and took Oliver for a walk up and down our court a few times. He really enjoyed it, as you can tell:


All in all, it was a good first birthday. Sarah and I have been truly blessed over the past year, and we are just so happy to have our little boy with us. Year number two should be another memorable one.

71 thoughts on “Oliver enjoys his first birthday party

  1. Oliver is getting so big – he resembles less of a baby and more like a little boy but “a handsome little devil” as my nana used to say. I’m glad he had a nice 1st birthday too.

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