Oliver has his 1-year doctor appointment

For insurance reasons, we scheduled Oliver’s 1-year doctor appointment today (he turns 1 on March 6, in case you didn’t know/remember). We learned that he’s still big. Here are his stats:

Height: 31 inches (around the 90th percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds, 9 ounces (around the 80th percentile)
Head circumference: 49.6 centimeters (the whopping 97th percentile)

We also learned that he’s developmentally ahead for his age, and we can start doing cool things like feeding him just about everything we eat. Tonight’s dinner was fun. We gave him some bow tie pasta with spaghetti sauce, green beans, cheese and yogurt.

He’s starting to interact with us more, too. Ask him what sound a cow makes and he responds, “Mmmmmm….” (close enough). He gets excited when he hears “Old MacDonald” (God help us), and he even has his favorite books. He likes to crawl over and pick out the best ones. His favorites? “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Seuss and “Yummy Yucky” by Leslie Patricelle (to name just two). He will hardly sit through any books that are new or that he doesn’t like, but he gets really quiet when it’s something he has heard 100 times before. Anyway, it’s getting to be a lot of fun.

Below is a picture of our little (OK, “big”) Oliver selecting “Mr. Brown Can Moo” for us to read to him. Enjoy:


3 thoughts on “Oliver has his 1-year doctor appointment

  1. Hello! Our sons share a birthday, March 6, 2009. I googled “1 year doctors appointment” and your blog came up. (His appt is today and I was wondering what to expect.) I just wanted to mention that my son is the same way with books. He has his favorites that he will sit and listen to (PEPPER GOES TO SCHOOL, THE BELLY BUTTON BOOK)He doesn’t make any animal noises (although, I haven’t practiced with him either–I should probably start!), but he does say about 12-15 words…

  2. Very cool. I just “friended” you on Facebook. Would love to see pix of your son and learn about what he’s going through! Thanks for visiting.

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