Our stomach knots are untied … for now

Many of you know this already, and I hinted at it on Friday: Sarah’s employment situation has been a little, well, unsure lately. On Friday, as expected, we finally found out some answers regarding her status. Her company has been sold and most of the employees were let go on Friday. Sarah, however, was one of the lucky few who was named a “temporary” employee. So we have, thank goodness, at least another four months before our stomachs will turn to knots again. For the moment, we’re feeling a little better. Thanks to everybody who’s heard me out the past several months and who’s shown us so much concern.

4 thoughts on “Our stomach knots are untied … for now

  1. Thanks. We’ve decided to be “stress free” (quotes intentional) for the next month at least. Then we can start worrying about what will happen next.

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