Our visit to Springfield, Mo. (part four)

Today’s a big day at Sarah’s office, so I wanted to post this final “Springfield trip” story before we learn more about the situation. Something fun and positive for this cold, dreary Friday morning.

At the end of our trip, I was chasing Molly up and down the stairs to my parents’ basement. Oliver stood next to me, laughing and bobbing up and down. Then, the next thing I knew, he was right next to me, three steps up. Yes, he learned to crawl up stairs. Here’s a short video of him doing it for the second time. The quality is bad b/c I had trouble transferring the file to the computer so it’s actually a video of the original video playing. Nothing but the best here, right? Anyway, enjoy:

In 2009, we need to make a better effort to visit my parents more frequently. We always have so much fun there, and Oliver is just changing to much every day. It was also awesome to see my sister and her boyfriend, who are off to Boston in a month or so.

1 thought on “Our visit to Springfield, Mo. (part four)

  1. Ok, this is a reality show worth watching! Thank you for sharing another ‘milestone’ with us! Lots of love to all, Shirley & Jim in SUNNY Californi!

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