No, I don’t have pinkeye

No, I don’t have pinkeye. I just made homemade salsa the other day.


OK, let me explain. I was chopping up all the goodies for some homemade salsa, and the last items were jalepenos. Well, that oil stays on your hands. And stays on your hands. And stays on your hands. …

With a baby in the house, plus a dog, plus being a generally clean person by nature, I probably washed my hands at least 10 times prior to taking out my contacts that evening. Well, just a touch is all it took. My eyes turned read and started watering and itching.

I threw that pair out and put a fresh pair in the next day. And mind you, that was after probably five or six more hand washes and a shower. Well, same thing. Just putting the new contacts into my eyes was enough to set me off. They’re still red and sore today. I think the next time I’m chopping up jalepenos, I’m going to wear gloves.

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