‘Fire in the Hole!’

You may be wondering where we’ve been the past week. Well, Thursday we headed down to Springfield, Mo., to visit my parents (Oliver’s grandparents). We got a late start on the drive, and Oliver went into a crying fit around 9 p.m. in the middle of nowhere. Since he’s usually so calm, we were pretty concerned. We pulled off the highway in some small town about an hour past Rolla in I-44. There were crazy locals everywhere, making noises and walking around with cups in their hand (I swear the one guy was a bum, but Sarah thinks he was a McDonald’s employee). Anyway, we hit the road again quick and a bottle of milk held the boy off for the rest of the trip.

During the vacation, we spent Friday at nearby Silver Dollar City, Saturday at the local Cider Fest street festival and Sunday relaxing. Oliver’s grandparents were so amazed by how big our little boy has become over the past two months. They fawned over him the entire weekend. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, below are a few pictures and a short video from our trip to Silver Dollar City. Enjoy.

Here’s a video of my dad and I at the start of the new PowderKeg ride (we’re in the third row). This ride was FAST (and a bit scary).


Here are Sarah and my dad (I’m on the left, but apparently my mom didn’t line us all into the frame) getting ready for WildFire, a crazy-fast and scary ride with numerous tight loops. I think I didn’t breath until halfway through the ride.


Here we are getting ready for the train ride (Oliver’s first ride). He seemed to enjoy punching us all in the face more than the actual show (if you’ve been before, you know the routine: train stops “unexpectedly,” two guys hold up the passengers, etc.).


A total coincidence, I swear, but Oliver’s attire matched the scarecrows on display throughout the park.


And finally, here’s Oliver with his grandparents next two a “tree” made entirely of fake pumpkins.


41 thoughts on “‘Fire in the Hole!’

  1. I have lots of excuses for my poor spelling. First, my brain was scrambled on those rides. Plus, at Silver Dollar City everything’s written in “po-dunk” English. I’m all messed up right now. Or, better yet, “I’s mezz’d up in da hed.”

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