Gawking at the big Lopinot heads at Oliver’s 6-month checkup

“I’m not that worried about his large head, because his dad has a big head as well.”

That, or something close to it, is what Oliver’s doctor told us today during his 6-month checkup appointment. She was taking his measurements, got his head circumference and went over to her table to write the number down. After making a puzzled expression, she came back over and measured it again. Same number. She double-checked her chart. Then she told us about his enlarged melon.

“His head is above the 97th percentile, which can be cause for worry,” she told us.

“Big heads run in Justin’s family,” my loving wife chimed in, as they both gawked at my freakishly large head.

Then I joined in the fun.

“My head’s probably the runt of the Lopinot men,” I explained.

Nothing to worry about. That’s what we were told. He has a big head, and big heads run in the family. End of story.

His other measurements today?

Weight: 19.4 pounds (the 75th percentile)
Height: 28.25 inches (90th percentile)

So the boy is big, but not gargantuan as he was during his 3-month checkup. Just the head. Big, huge head.

1 thought on “Gawking at the big Lopinot heads at Oliver’s 6-month checkup

  1. You may recall that big headedness appears specifically to be a male condition in our family, although the sample of female heads from the last generation of Lopinots and so far the next generation are relatively meager. Grandpa Lopinot (my dad) had an awfully big head, as you may recall. It was much bigger than mine, although my head is also large. Some may think it is due to increased skull thickness and well greater voids within our craniums. Then again, most Lopinots tend to be relatively large in comparison to the average white male and therefore more gray matter is needed for body management. However, I think it is simply due to increased gray matter and therefore a higher level of intelligence. Unfortunately, your mother does not agree.

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