Oliver rocks out (cold) to 87.5 FM

For those of you who know me well or have been reading this blog regularly, you are quite aware that Oliver has been pretty fussy of late. We’ve tried everything (you name it, we’ve tried it). About a week ago, we watched a video called “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” While not all of the techniques work all of the time, one of the best is using white noise to calm him down.

I’ve now found that the best way to keep Oliver quiet is to lay him on the ground in front of our TV. I then place a speaker next to him and tune the radio in to 87.5 FM. For those of you not in the St. Louis area, that station does not exist. It’s all static — and Oliver LOVES it!

He doesn’t always sleep when the radio is tuned to his new favorite station, but he stays pretty quiet, just looking around and cooing every once in a while. We’re having a good time now. I’m watching the Cardinals game without sounds (Pujols just hit a three-run HR … hold on … OK, I’m back) and he’s being a good little boy.

Below is a picture of Oliver rocking out (cold) to 87.5 FM. Notice the “rock fist” he’s making? Maybe I’ll have a little buddy to go to some concerts with me in a few years. That’d be cool. Enjoy:

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