My favorite photos of Oliver

Between our car troubles, being tired from going back to work (me) or being home alone with Oliver all day (Sarah), I thought it was time to share my favorite photos of Oliver. When I see these moments, frozen in time, it makes me smile.

When I see Oliver squirming around and fighting sleep all day (he’s been up, save for 90 minutes, since 5 a.m. today!), I don’t feel so warm and fuzzy. Right now, he’s a cranky and beefy (yes, he weighed 10 pounds, 15-1/2 ounces at his four-week checkup on Monday) little boy.

The pictures were taken by Sarah using her mom’s Canon EOS 20D. In the pictures, Oliver is about two weeks old and his head is in my hand. Enjoy:

7 thoughts on “My favorite photos of Oliver

  1. Thanks, Kristine. Being cute is Oliver’s saving grace right now. He ended up finally (FINALLY!!!) going to sleep for good around 10:30 p.m. last night. What a long day.

  2. He is truly beautiful…in a few months, all the sleeplessness will be a distant memory. You may find comfort in ‘the baby whisperer’ techniques…(won’t bore you with unsolicted advice). We love you all!!

  3. OMG! He is so darn cute! I feel like I’ve already missed so much of his life!! I cannot wait to see all three of you! Give him a kiss and hug from Aunt Carrie! Love you all!

  4. It’s funny. Now that we have Oliver, nobody cares to take our picture anymore. We’re just the people who tote the boy around. Did you know that on Easter, we went almost the entire day before my mom (at our house around 8 p.m.) said, “I should get a picture of the three of you”? Anyway, I’ll post a picture of the family once you post a picture of your new ‘do.

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