Symphony in Motion almost maims our “Tiny Love”

I received a panicky voice mail from my wife today. I had just gotten out of a meeting and was ready to head to lunch when I checked my phone. Sarah’s voice was trembling and all she said was, “Justin. It’s Sarah. Please call me. Bye.” Needless to say, I was nervous.

Turns out my instinct was correct. You see, Sarah was trying to calm Oliver this morning in his crib. She had his mobile going. It’s the Symphony in Motion model by the company Tiny Love. This model wasn’t our first choice, but we didn’t have many options due to the sleigh-style crib we purchased (with the help of our mothers, I might add). The attachments on most of the popular mobile models wouldn’t fit over the wood slats on our crib. So we checked around, read reviews and settled on the Symphony in Motion model.

So back to today … Sarah had Oliver in the crib and was going about her business. She heard a cry coming from the baby room, so she went to check on Oliver. He was fine and the mobile was still going strong. Then, she heard a loud “CRACK,” and the mobile came crashing down right on top of Oliver. It smashed into his face, and he let out a shriek like she had never heard before. She also said that Oliver’s face turned a bright red.

Yes, the strap on our well-reviewed Symphony in Motion mobile snapped and the darn thing came crashing down. Unbelievable. Luckily, the part that hit his face was fairly soft and not one of the hard plastic parts. It could have seriously damaged his developing brain or wounded his poor, defenseless face. Needless to say DO NOT buy this product. It is not safe.

What should I do about it? I feel like we deserve some sort of justice for this near-tragic incident. It sickens me that something like this could happen to a baby, especially ours. Let me know what you think. And for evidence, below are a few pictures that I took when I got home from work.

Here’s the mobile in the position I found it in:

Here’s a close-up picture of the broken strap:

And here’s a picture taken after I took the thing down; it’s of the broken strap and the parts that were supposed to be holding this together:

5 thoughts on “Symphony in Motion almost maims our “Tiny Love”

  1. Wow. Glad Oliver is okay. We have this mobile and loved it when Lila was little. I don’t remember it having that strap though. Rather ours has this over the rail hook thingy that’s more like a hanger than a thin plastic strap. Plus we also have that disc locking device piece that you have. We had ours mounted to the side rather than the end. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not. We also don’t have a sleigh bed. I’d say definitely report this to the company and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Good luck.

  2. I’m so glad Oliver is okay. That’s a horrible thing to happen to a defenseless baby. I would call and also write the company.

  3. Report the mobile: We had a defective slide when Adrian was young and due to some diligent parent reporting a defect in the ladder, we were able to replace the ladder with the safer one, saving our son from a serious injury or worse. We love you, and as a mom, know how you must have felt. xoxo

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