Oliver’s diaper rash had him stewing but we’re making progress

Oliver’s diaper rash was getting out of control, but it’s been retreating the past couple of days thanks to our new treatment option: Soaking his rear in water for 15 minutes and then letting him spread out on a towel and air dry afterward. We do this a few times a day.

We have been using his baby bath, filling it full of water to cover his butt. But the first time, we thought it would be best to use an old stew pot (it wasn’t; but the pictures are hilarious). And when he’s air-drying on the floor, Molly cannot help but lay next to Oliver and watch over him. She slinks around, acting curious but not touching him. She just likes to stare.

Here’s Oliver in the stew pot, along with a picture of Molly on guard:

62 thoughts on “Oliver’s diaper rash had him stewing but we’re making progress

  1. OK, he is definitely my favorite late night show…’Top Chef’ has nothing on Oliver…his face looks like ‘bliss’!! xoxox (I have his St. Patrick’s day pic as my desktop background…everyone I work w/ is in love with him, too!)

  2. Justin,Chad and Shelby had their bundle of joy this morning at 8:30am!!Kira Lynn is being transferred to Cardinal Glennon’s. Shelby will get released tomorrow!!

  3. No you did NOT put that baby in a stew pot – how hysterical!! You need to enter that one in a baby photo contest – it’s precious! What a doll Oliver is – I know y’all are exhausted, but hang in there. It gets better, and it’s soooo worth it. šŸ™‚

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