‘Wii’ play as a family (Get it? Wii? I’m so clever)

It’s been a blast having Oliver’s Aunt Jennie and Uncle Ryan at our house these past few days. We’ve also been blessed to have Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Neal in town. We’ve always been a family that’s big on games. It’s mostly cards, but also board games over the years. Well, since buying the Nintendo Wii in December 2006, family gatherings have had an added video game element.

My parents usually will bowl on Wii Sports or just watch us youngsters play the games. However, I got them playing today before they made the trek home to Springfield, Mo. There’s nothing like the Wii for making my dad (one of the smartest, though also goofiest, people I know) and my mom (who’s heart is as big as they come but who’s not the most gifted of athletes) look like goofballs.

The videos I’ve been posting are nothing short of awful in quality, but for those of you know my mom and dad, you may get a kick out of them jamming with the band on Raymond Raving Rabbids 2. Check it out:

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