Oliver’s first trip to the store? Uneventful

The other day, my buddy Jen wrote about taking her son Drew to the store for the first time. Her trip was quite eventful. Oliver’s first trip to the store? Smooth sailing.

We took him into Target yesterday on the way to his grandmother’s house. With a full belly, and after a 30-minute car ride, he was sleeping like, well, a baby. He slept the entire time we were in the store, as long as the shopping cart kept moving. Sarah has a way of turning picking out shampoo into a 5-minute affair. She gets mad at me, but I always (ALWAYS!) get frustrated and say something like, “You’re 33 years old. Just pick out some G-D shampoo!” I can’t stop myself from saying it, despite the fact that I inherently will be scolded for being impatient. (What can I say? I’m impatient. So sue me.) Oliver must have inherited that trait for me, because he got just a touch fussy anytime we stopped to wait on Sarah to pick something out.

Hopefully Oliver sleeps through all his store visits over the next several months. Sarah’s going to be making most of them alone since I will be back at the office starting tomorrow. Enjoy the picture of the other two-thirds of the Lopinot family on the way into Target:

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