Filling up after two days of running on fumes

Yesterday was a long day. I was on fumes after less than four hours of sleep for two consecutive nights. That, coupled with family in town and the need to entertain them, left me groggy. I hardly remember much of what went on.

We did take Oliver to his Great-Grandma Lopinot’s house. Well, I say “we,” but mean that “I” took him. Sarah was too tired and wasn’t feeling so hot, so I piled into the car with Oliver, my sister and her husband. We had a nice lunch, and Oliver got to meet a few new people, including my Great-Aunt Tillie and Uncle Dale.

Then, last night, my parents came over and we played some cards (I still feel guilty, as a regular Texas Hold’Em player, for contributing toward cleaning out my dad – twice – and the other players). After the parental units left and Sarah went to bed, Jennifer, Ryan and I played Wii. I hit the sheets around 12:45 a.m., “letting” Jennifer watch over the sleeping Oliver while trying to get some unimpeded rest. It paid off, as Oliver slept for over four hours! It was amazing. And all night, he went right to sleep after feedings. I’m still a little tired but, comparatively speaking, I feel wonderfully refreshed.

Anyway, below is a picture of Oliver with his great-grandma and great-uncle. Enjoy:

2 thoughts on “Filling up after two days of running on fumes

  1. OMG Justin this is a great page! I love seeing your new baby. I’m so glad you took Oliver to see Grandma Lopinot – she always says how lonely she is but it seems like she has a lot of company. Can you email me your home address and phone number sometime? I need to update my address book. Okay, saving your page to my favorites so I can check up on you and your family. Talk to you soon,Audrey

  2. How great that you are capturing 3 generations in this photo…your little guy will get a lot of enjoyment out of this blog and the photos when he is older…xoxo

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