Aunt Jennie and Uncle Ryan in the house

Today was a long and tiring day. I’m beating the same drum, I know, but Oliver was up sooooo much last night. I barely slept over three hours. Then, this morning, my parents came to stay at our house while Sarah and I test drove some vehicles.

After we left the first dealer, Sarah had to pump a little baby nectar, so we found a covert parking spot in the back corner of a secluded parking lot. So what happens as soon as we got the pump going? Some schmuck in a truck pulls into the spot RIGHT NEXT TO US! There were literally 50 spots open on that parking lot, including about 12 in a row to our left. But there was Mr. Dufus, sitting there in his truck. And he continued to sit there. And sit there. I finally moved the car, but what a knucklehead.

Anyway, the car shopping was not successful, so we’re still looking. Back at the house by 3 p.m., we awaited the arrival of Aunt Jennie and Uncle Ryan. They drove down from Minnesota to stay with us for about four days. It was their first time meeting little Oliver.

It’s been a crazy night. Really, like a zoo. Loud and louder. Sarah just went to feed Oliver and then go to bed. I promised to stay up with him until the next feeding (perhaps around 1 a.m. – yikes!). Tomorrow, we’re off to Great-Grandma Lopinot’s house for lunch. Then probably back here for a nap.

Here’s a picture of the Stokes twosome feeding our son (enjoy):

66 thoughts on “Aunt Jennie and Uncle Ryan in the house

  1. How fun for Jen & Ryan to be there…bet they are amazed at what a doll baby Oliver is. I am sure with Grandma Sharon & Aunt Jennie you have some help with diapers and feedings…Hooray for sleep! Love you all, xoxox

  2. Hey Justin & Sarah:I have been checking out your blog since the day Oliver was born, and enjoying the pics, videos, and comments. Good luck, things will get better. Nice shot of the Stokes kids and their nephew. Careful, they might catch the baby bug! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.Love,Nancy

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