Quiet day at the hospital (OK, maybe not so quiet)

Today was the opposite of quiet. Last night was our first feeding Oliver, so the nurse brought him into the room every three hours. Each feeding took at least an hour, including getting ready, changing the diaper, etc. That was tiring. Now I understand exactly what my friend Mike, a new father, has been telling me about sleep deprivation.

We finished our “7:30 a.m.” feeding around 8:30 a.m., then they rolled the clock forward an hour. The next two hours were filled with about a dozen doctor and nurse visits. Oliver also was circumcised during that period (sorry Susan, no bris!).

After Oliver’s surgery, he would hardly eat. It took FOREVER to get the next feeding completed. All the while, visitors began gathering in the hallway. No pressure, right? As soon as we gave the “all clear” sign, our room was filled with seven guests. It was extremely nice, but also chaotic. We sure were glad to see everybody, but we’re enjoying the down time right now.

Well, we head out tomorrow morning on the next step of our adventure: Being at home with our son. Should be fun.

1 thought on “Quiet day at the hospital (OK, maybe not so quiet)

  1. No bris? Just think about all of the extra gifts you could have accumulated (like you need them at this point). Can I still hope for a Bar Mitzvah in 2021? 🙂 I can’t wait to see Oliver, Sarah and you!

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