Guess who’s back?

Oliver’s back, and we have him in our room as much as we want!

The nurses in the special care unit today are the “anti-last-night’s-nurse.” These nurses are sooo nice. It’s like Father Merrin from “The Exorcist” came to our floor and banished that mean nurse to the gates of hell (and I say “good riddance,” by the way).

Anyway, these new nurses wanted to get Oliver into our room and learning to breastfeed and all that stuff. It’s been great. He’s been here for about three hours and we’ve had a great time. Here’s a picture Sarah took of me with Oliver shortly after he ate:

3 thoughts on “Guess who’s back?

  1. We are so happy that Oliver is with his parents…where he belongs! Of course, it made me happy to hear you had nurses with hearts of gold today.Love you!

  2. Man,i can’t wait to go and see him!I want to teach him how to play basketball,soccer,and baseball!He is gonna be just like me!!

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