Oliver pulls through over night

Our little Oliver kicked some butt last night and had strong blood sugar levels when they tested him four times. He’s now at the level they’d like to see him at, so they have taken him off the IV. That’s the good news. Great news, in fact.

The bad news for his baby-deprived parents? He has to stay in the special care nursury for about 22 more hours. We just want to have him in the room and get to know him, but it won’t be happening today. At least Sarah is up and about a bit, feeling pretty good. So she will be able to see him as much as she can, assuming she has the energy. She should, since she ate a HUGE breakfast. Lots of calories.

If we get any other news today, I’ll try to post it here on the blog. We will be having a few guests today, so I expect to be fairly busy. More to come …

1 thought on “Oliver pulls through over night

  1. That IS good news! I am hoping that within a day or so this will all be a faint memory and you will be so consumed with diapering, feeding, bathing, holding, rocking that you won’t remember a time he wasn’t 100% in your care…tell Oliver to keep up the good work! Love to you & Sarah!

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