Playing a game with the boy

When I was a kid, we used to play a game call B#tt’s Up. I don’t know if we invented the game (my sister’s seem to believe we did), but it was a blast.

Mostly, we would play at school, using a gym class dodge ball. All you’d need is a good wall and a group of kids to play. Basically, you’d throw the ball against the wall and then somebody – whoever it went toward – would have to catch it. If that person bobbled the ball or it bounced off them, they would have to run to the wall. If somebody scooped up the ball and either hit the person or the wall before that person touched the wall, he or she would have to go “b#tt’s up.” It’s much like a free throw in basketball. The person would put two hands and the wall and you’d stand 10 or so feet back and get a free shot with the ball at that person’s backside. Anyway, lots of fun.

Long setup, for this, I know, but when my sister was in town a few weeks ago, the siblings and I played the game for a little bit and Oliver really wanted to join. He cracked us up, so I shot a video. Enjoy:

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