Oliver’s third birthday

Oliver just went to bed, bringing his third birthday to a close. As you may know, we celebrated both the boys’ birthdays last weekend, so today we just spent some quality time with Oliver.

We started the day at the Butterfly House, where we met Sarah’s parents. Oliver really dug the bugs in the entrance area, and quite enjoyed watching all the butterflies swarm around us inside the glass conservatory. He spent a good chunk of time sitting on a bench because he wanted a butterfly to land on his nose. None did, but one did land on his shoe. That was cool enough. He looks happy, doesn’t he?


We had butterflies landing all over us, including on my rear end and on Sarah’s shoulder:


This month a big old batch of butterflies called Common Blue Morphos hatched. They were ALL OVER THE PLACE, and had really bright blue wings:


A rare family photo:


Next door to the Butterfly House is a carousel, so we of course had to take the boys for a couple spins. Oliver truly enjoyed it, despite this pouty face:


Owen started off by putting his mouth all over the yucky pole, but then just stared off like, “What the heck is going on?”


Next, we decided to grab lunch at Steak n Shake, where Oliver downed a cheeseburger, fries (not many), orange slices and a strawberry shake.


Finally, we headed home so both boys could catch a good nap. Afterward, we opened presents and played for a bit. Then had dinner and sang “Happy Birthday” to Oliver.


All in all, it was a fun but tiring day. We both just cannot believe that our little boy is now 3 years old. Crazy how fast time flies.

11 thoughts on “Oliver’s third birthday

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  2. Hey there JL. Just checking up on the Lopinot family … Happy (belated) birthday to the boys! Great pictures! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Hey, Gretchen. A week later, but I just caught this comment in my spam folder for some reason. Good to hear from you. Crazy how fast time flies. Hope to see you soon. Hope motherhood has been good to you!

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