We’re having a(nother) boy!

OK, I can finally tell the world: We are having a boy. Yes, another boy. We found out the news on Wednesday morning. (And there are no doubts, by the way, based on one of the ultrasound photos!)

Oliver will have a little brother who will be almost exactly two years younger than him. It should be cool to see them grow up, side by side.

Here’s a profile ultrasound picture of our future son:


Here’s Oliver with his “momma” just after our ultrasound technician left the room:


And here’s proud papa with Oliver in one hand and the sonogram screen behind him:


246 thoughts on “We’re having a(nother) boy!

  1. I already told both you and Sarah how happy I am for you. Oliver will be a wonderful big brother. You guys are very lucky. Can’t wait to meet the new little guy, but will wait until March! Love you all so much!

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