Guess what? We’re having a …

We went in today for my wife’s ultrasound and found out what we’re having. And yes, it’s a [CAN’T SAY]. We’re excited that our next baby will be a [CAN’T SAY]. Having a [CAN’T SAY] will be really cool.

OK, OK. I’ll stop playing around. We did go in today, and we did find out what we’re having. However, Sarah has asked me to withhold from posting the news to my blog until tomorrow night. That’s because her parents have been in Germany the past two weeks and are coming home tomorrow. Sarah would prefer to tell them in person instead of having them find out by reading it in this space.

If you can’t wait and are dying to find out, e-mail me. And if you’re a Facebook friend, I did post the big news there.

Until tomorrow night …

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