Another life chapter in the books

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life in terms of chapters. The next big one, of course, will be the arrival of our second child early next year. Well, another major chapter just ended as well. Yesterday was Sarah’s last day at her job. As some of you know, her company was bought out earlier this year. Since that time, she’s been a contract/transitional employee for the new company. The contracts all ended yesterday.

Now, Sarah is pregnant and jobless. We’re a one-income family. It’s not as if we haven’t prepared or are worried at all. We should be fine, but it will definitely mean big changes for the family. There will be job searches/interviews, after-work meals (a man can hope, can’t he!), more personal attention for our son, etc.

This new chapter officially will start on Monday, when I head off to work around 7 a.m. Wish us luck.

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