Here’s the big news: My wife is pregnant with our second child

OK, so it was a little bit uncool for me to post the picture of Oliver last night and leave my “dozen or so” readers hanging (missed that post, check it out here). Here’s the big news: My wife is pregnant with our second child.

Yes, preggers. Bun in the oven. Baby on board.

Hard to believe it, but my sweet Sarah is incubating another little Lopinot. It’s quite difficult to describe how I’m feeling right now. Was this pregnancy planned? Uhh, heck no. It totally caught us off guard. But are we excited about it? You bet.

For those who really know us well, you’re aware of just how much we wanted and tried and tried and tried again to have our first child. We didn’t think No. 2 would come along this easy. In fact, we had scheduled a consultation with one of the doctors who really helped us along the last go-round. That appointment would have been this week or next, I believe. And that appointment would have been just the first step in what could have been a long waiting period filled with lots of heartache. However, we got lucky — hit the lotto without really playing, so to speak.

Our first child has been such a wonderful baby, other than some sleeping issues over his first seven months (long-time readers, friends and family know how tiring that was on us!). And he’s really coming into his own now, developing such a sweet, fun personality. He loves wrestling and laughing with me as much as he loves giving me a big hug and putting his head on my shoulder. I know for a fact that he’s going to absolutely love his little brother or sister. As much as I cannot fathom how exhausting it will be to go through the “parenting-an-infant” stage again, it also excites me to no end that Oliver will have a little buddy to grow up with, play with, be in each other’s weddings and on and on.

Our children will be really close in age, and their birthdays will be so close that it will be hard to avoid the inevitable “combined birthday” parties that we will likely plan. We’ll be 11 weeks into our 39-week journey on Friday (yes, I know pregnancies take 40 weeks, but our docs won’t let us go past 39). Oliver is 18 months old, and his second birthday is March 6. Due date for child No. 2? March 5. (Though, again, with the 39 weeks thing, we’re more likely looking at a late February delivery — just sounds cooler to use the official due date.)

So here we are, a happy family with another one on the way. Thank you all (and though I joke, I do get about 70-100 unique visitors a day so there ARE a lot of you) for being so supportive as I’ve chronicled the past two years of my life on this blog. And thank you for also joining us on this new pregnancy journey. It’s such a relief to finally be able to openly talk about the pregnancy. We’ve known since the first week, and it’s been a looooooong two-plus months. Anyway, I’ll have more — lots more — to say about this in the coming days, weeks and months. Talk to you all again soon!

100 thoughts on “Here’s the big news: My wife is pregnant with our second child

  1. Cara: I follow your blog religiously, so have been keeping up with your big news of late (sorry that I’ve been more of a “lurcker” than “commenter”). Your situation sounds like it will be much, much, much more challenging, but I’m also really excited for you and Ted (and the soon-to-be big sisters). Thanks for the notes here and on Facebook.

  2. Thanks, Mj. Been hard to keep this a secret for so many weeks, especially around the office. Good to have it out in the open now.

  3. We are full of joy for you! Thank you for sharing the news. Love & hugs, GREAT auntie Shirley & GREAT uncle Jim!!! xoxo

  4. Wow, that is a shock! I’d be willing to bet that baby 2 will be a better sleeper than baby 1 (you’d better hope, right?).

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