Sarah soaks up second Mother’s Day

Sarah’s second Mother’s Day was, at least in my opinion, a success. I let her sleep in today, then we made a big breakfast. Oliver and I gave her a card and her gift, then enjoyed a nice relaxing morning around the house. In the afternoon, we headed over to Sarah’s parents’ house for a barbecue. It was a nice, and the food was awesome (of course).

Sarah really relishes her role as a mother, and Oliver just loves her so much. The boy has really been in one of those “mommy only” stages lately, where he goes to me (or somebody else) for a while and then just wants his momma. It can be tough on Sarah, and her back, to always have the boy clinging to her, but she handles it well. What a great mother.

Here are a few pictures of the proud mother and her bundle of joy taken today at the in-laws’ house. Enjoy:



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