I’m still here, just busy and tired

My loyal reader(s) … I’m still here. I’ve just been really busy lately. I’ve had some really challenging, but exciting projects at my day job, and I’ve been wrapping up the three courses that I’m teaching for UMSL. Between all of that, my time tends to be divided between taking care of our son, cleaning things up, maintaining the house, cooking/eating, grocery shopping, planting our garden (see photo below; for those who’ve seen it in the past, you’ll notice that I changed the shape/location this year) or sleeping. Haven’t had a lot of fun, but will soon enough. My classes end this weekend, so I should have the grading wrapped up very soon.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some good stuff, too. Oliver is getting so big, walking EVERYWHERE, and getting teeth. More to come for sure. Thanks for staying with me.


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