Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. We had a fun one. Oliver spent the day in his skull-and-bones shirt. Sarah dressed as a pirate for work (not really her style to dress up, but she succumbs easily to peer pressure and everybody in her department dressed up for a contest).

So after work, we threw a do-rag on Oliver and I took a mommy-and-son pirate picture. We also put the eye patch on him. It was funny. He just stared blankly at me. Here are the pictures:



After dinner, we put Oliver’s official Halloween costume on him. We dressed him as a dragon. It was darn cute. Sarah and I put our little bistro table on the front porch and the three of us sat out there and handed out candy. Here are some pictures of Oliver in his costume:



After Oliver went to bed and the trick-or-treaters stopped showing up, Sarah and I watched a scary movie. I’ll write about it in the next day or two. It was pretty freaky. Later on.

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