Horror movie scare No. 2: ‘Halloween’ (2007)

Sarah and I continued our annual October tradition of watching scary movies by viewing the flick Halloween (2007). As I mentioned previously, this movie was directed by Rob Zombie and I was very much looking forward to seeing his interpretation of this 30-year-old franchise.

Short on the suspense that made the original “Halloween” such a classic, this version ups the bad language and gore. Oh yeah, and it also ups the nudity (curiously, or perhaps intentionally, Zombie’s extremely attractive wife, who plays Michael Myers stripper mother, is one of only a couple women in the film not to bare their chest). 

The two-hour film is broken up into two halves. The first half is slow to build up, focusing on a young Michael Myers and how he came to be the slasher we all have grown to love (and fear). The second half of the movie follows the somewhat formulaic slasher format. Myers escapes, kills a bunch of people, survives things that would kill a normal person, etc. I don’t think I’m giving away the plot here.

The film didn’t scare either of us as much as we thought it would, but it was decent enough overall. I’d probably put it right in the middle of the pack of all the scary movies we’ve seen.

Hopefully Sarah and I can catch one more scary movie before Halloween (the holiday). We’ll see.

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