Just a little off the top …

As readers, friends and family already know, our boy has a full head of hair. It’s a lot of hair. The pictures don’t usually give it justice. Maybe this next one will. It was taken a few weeks ago, during Oliver’s “punk rock” phase (OK, during bath time, but whatever):


When dry, his hair was starting to curl up pretty good on the sides. It was cute, but Sarah felt it was time for a little trim. Plus, she wanted some hair for the baby book she’s putting together. Sarah’s mom did the honors, giving Oliver his first haircut.

Though it sort of looks like crime scene evidence, here’s the lock of hair (notice how much length was removed):


His clean-cut look is nice, but he still has such long hair. Here’s how he looks now:


Notice the difference? I know, it’s pretty subtle. Either way, it’s pretty cool that he’s now been through the haircut experience. Next thing, I’ll be taking him with me to see my favorite Romanian hairstylist Louise in Maryland Heights every four or five weeks for a real haircut. Scary!

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