Well what do we have here? A tooth!

Oliver’s been a little cranky this past week for some unknown reason. Well, the reason was unknown until we did a little digging around in his mouth on Friday. Yes, here’s a good one for the baby book: Oliver cut his first tooth on 8/8/08. Check out this picture of the incisor breaking through his gums:


I’ve shown this picture to a few relatives who think it looks like something perverse and not a mouth/tooth at all. So as further evidence, I submit a picture of the awkward (and, to me, somewhat hilarious) pose in which I held Oliver’s mouth open for the tooth pictures to be taken:


It was like our own little makeshift dentist chair. Anyway, I haven’t looked anything up, but it seems kind of early for a baby to be cutting teeth. I mean, he just turned 5 months old a few days ago. For those with babies, how old was were yours when he or she cut his first tooth? Any advice on how to keep the crankiness to a minimum?

8 thoughts on “Well what do we have here? A tooth!

  1. My kids both got teeth early — at least that early. They lost teeth and got their adult ones early too. I’m betting Oliver will do the same. My advice? Bourbon. For you. Anbesol for the baby.

  2. I have no tips…Drew is 7 months and still no teeth…he’s drooling like crazy but none have broken through, so this time, you’ll have to be the one giving me advice!

  3. Leo cut his first tooth around 5 months, and the doctor seemed impressed and thought it was a bit early, too. Those homeopathic teething tablets that dissolve under the tongue worked for us, though I have no idea what the heck they’re made of. Or what “homeopathic” means. Sometimes a dose of Tylenol or Motrin before bed on particularly cranky days.

  4. Oh, yeah — I thought the picture looked graphic when I first saw it, but didn’t think it was actually PERVERSE until you said the word. Now, that’s all I can see. Thanks a bunch, ye with the dirty brain.

  5. Hey Justin – Kelsey was nine months before she got the first tooth. She’s 14 months now and she only has three – with no evidence of other teeth to come. She wasn’t cranky at all.

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